Saturday, September 03, 2011


I wish I could love you from before the flood
Till well after The Second Coming of the Jew.
Wish I could love with all my blood
Like the wriggling worm loves the flesh of you.
Wish I was yours alone to make you fine,
Time and again I lay my life on the line,
But, baby, I’m cheated every time
By this Vagabond Heart of mine.

Wish I could take you home right now
Pay allegiance with all my soul to you alone
Wish I could be faithful to you somehow
Be yours to love and hold, be yours to own
I’d save my life for you alone but it’s no use.
My blue blood boils at the voice of my Muse,
Her siren call I just can’t refuse,
This Vagabond Heart you must excuse

Wish I was the sweet dream you dream every night
The morning sun that kisses your waking soul.
Wish I was the passion that gives your eyes their light,
The refining fire that purifies the gold.
The deep in your calls to the deep in me,
You can make me all I ever wanna be,
But a fatal impulse keeps thwarting me
This Vagabond Heart will be the end of me.

©Naan Pocen

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Mary T Designs said...

I read that years ago, but am glad to have reread it. Thanks for sharing it.