Saturday, April 07, 2012


I can’t
Make crusty pizza dough
Nor spaghetti al dente

I can’t
Mix that perfect Martini
Nor sip Champaign like a pro

I can’t
Make the sun come out
Nor stop the rain from falling

I can’t
Pretend to be content
Nor feign indifference

I can’t
Stand the wild activity
Nor embrace the mad noise

I can’t
Open up any more
When there is nothing to let in

I can’t
Shut down and pretend
That the silence is OK

I can’t
Be content with so much
When all it represents is nothing

I can’t
Have it this way.

©Naan Pocen


OPineJournal said...

Lovely... but a difficult position to be in... frustration?

Kelly said...

Wow, intense poem, Naan!

Naan Pocen said...

Frustration yes. Maybe that should have been the title lol.

Hey Kelly Lee! Good to see you here! I miss you!!!