Sunday, November 03, 2013


You are tired

You have said that so often lately.
And I know how you feel, I swear it.

I know what it’s like to be tired of people
Of the way they are.

Tired of hearing the same opinions
That disagree with the way you see things

Tired of feeling stuck and confused
And not knowing where to step next, or why.

Tired of not knowing how to help,
Or tired of wondering what help should be.

Tired of wanting to help one more time
Tired of thinking it’s not worth the trouble.

Tired of hearing you ought to try harder
Tired of trying and trying again…..

You are tired, I hear you
Though I am unsure what you are tired of.

Too much chaos about you?
That much I understand.

I can hold your hands and offer suggestions
I can promise to make it all go away.

Easy as it sounds, it's not what you need.
Easy is temporary and you need something concrete.

So close your eyes and take a rest,
Try and breathe easy, relax and let go.

I’ll help you stop being tired
I will be gone when you awake.

©Naan Pocen