Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Dance Alone.....

An angel with a cloven hoof
Played a tune with a mouth harp
That sent me waltzing across the floor
Stumbling about in search of a crutch.

The infantile idealism of youth
Talked in a wobbly, loose-jointed manner.
But I should have known that
Nothing is safe
To him who nothing is sacred.

Behind that toothy smile
Was a mind twisted and crooked as sin.
Drawing me in and almost drowning me
In my foolish naivety.
Yet I am no longer a reprobate.
I forgive myself generously.

But I'm a perpetual dancer
So I shall listen for another tune,
And while I eavesdrop on God
I shall purr ever so gently.

©Naan Pocen


Carrie A Ryman said...

Wow. Very powerful. Lots of emotion here, Naan. "Angel with a cloven hoof..." what an image.

NAAN POCEN said...

Bottled up emotions have the bad habit of becoming magnified if not released.