Saturday, August 28, 2010


This engulfing darkness

Is not from the reflection of our skin,

And the emotion that besieges us

Is of our self imposed purpose.

The bondage that forces us

To slip back into slavery

Is not from the forces around us.

We chant the need for freedom

For our souls, our race

And for the emancipation

Of our mental handicap.

Yet we sit back and dig into old wounds

Infecting our strength with poisonous

Self inflicted torture;

Poisoning our weapons then stabbing ourselves

And while still drugged in the pain of our failure,

We search for someone to blame.

Our failure thus far has been fuelled

By the fear deeply lodged in our souls

And as long as we make hatred the source of our strength

This ball and chain will not only stagnate us

But it will drag us back to where we're running from.

©Naan Pocen

That Nordic Tempest

That Sexy Nordic Tempest.

Touched the core of my heart

With that steady piercing glare

Of his deep green stare.

I had not the faintest

Idea that this obvious fine art

Of mutual flirting would pair

With his Scandinavian flair.

That my heart he'd arrest

A move rather smart

I'd say, was a clever snare

Of which I was unaware.

He was my conquest

Although a bleeding heart.

Clever bastard! I was his lair

A calculated answer to his prayer

His touch was earnest

My defences he teased apart

He could never refuse a dare

Of a broken person – to repair.

But that familiar Nordic glummest

Will, was crippled in its part

Ambition to fix a pain not rare

And my adoration he did pare

He focused on the farthest

Pain that needed to depart.

He was so bull-headed I swear

He won't listen – I thought he didn't care.

Yet I loved the ginger fur on his chest

And his kisses…oh don't let me start…

I feared my judgement he'd impair

Until logic becomes a past affair.

Our mutual attraction began to divest

For I focused on his faults in part

Looking for something in defence to tear

Before my heart he'd forever ensnare.

I decided to attest

We were slowly breaking apart

We're far from where we were

And now we are an odd pair.

©Naan Pocen

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


You are what you think. You are what you go for. You are what you do. Bob Richards

My late grandma used to say ‘Be the sort of person you want to know’. I’ve always held that close to my heart and I have always thought I was the sort of person I would want to know. However, for a very long time I have sought validation in others. I felt good about myself when someone else does. If there is a friend or a lover that reaches out to me and ‘needs’ me, it makes me feel invincible, like I can do anything I set my mind to, but the moment there is a break in that transmission, I begin to doubt my self-worth. It’s weird because in my head, I know that I am still the same person I was when I was being validated, yet that still small nagging voice tells me “you’re not really worth knowing” and it gives meaning to why I don’t seem to matter to them any more. It’s a very sad place to be really.

Sad because human nature makes it difficult to accept that just because someone doesn’t find you interesting enough any more, it doesn’t (AND SHOULDN'T) take from who you are. What we need to realize is that the people that normally get us spinning in self doubt are those we have purposely chosen to matter to us. If a total stranger tells you, you are worthless, even to your face, chances are you’d laugh in his face, or at worse call him an idiot, but people you have opened up to can just by insinuating, even if not intentionally, you don’t matter as much, and it will send you spiralling to a nasty state of self doubt.

The question to ask yourself is why are you so afraid of being rejected? Is it because you don’t like yourself and are afraid of being alone? Because You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with and that is just the plain truth. So the next time you find yourself doubting your self worth, spend the time to know yourself anew and love yourself again. And trust me, before you know it, that feeling of worthlessness will melt away.

And the next time, that nasty feeling tugs at your heart because that special someone doesn’t want you as much as you want them to, tell yourself, it is okay. We win some and lose some. That’s just life. Remember "One comes to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement be true or false. It comes to be a dominating thought in one's mind" - Robert Collier. So it's in your hands to chose what you feel about yourself.

©Naan Pocen

Sunday, August 08, 2010


“Divine Madness.” If you say that slowly in a whisper, it gives an almost accurate picture of our office, or to be precise, my experience of it while I was in Spain. Obviously the Spain office has a lot more staff than the Italian branch, so it follows that they handle more services than we do, plus the reason I was in Spain was for training so yes it felt like such organized chaos….no, just chaos (not organised).

The first week was scary. I didn’t know what to expect. I had never worked in sales and services before. My experience has always been in the creative art - writing to be precise, and even when I branched out a little, I taught English (not too far off since I was still dealing with language and communication). There was so many details to remember and too many information crammed into very little time. I took notes, I listened, even eavesdropped at some point, asked questions, took suggestions, analyzed, compared work methods and just remained meek and submissive. By the end of the week I had my first ‘AHA’ moment.

The whole freaking thing wasn’t as complicated as it appeared. Granted, a lot of attention needs to be paid because it is a detail oriented work and one little mistake screws up a whole lot and makes us lose money, so yes, we needed all the details and advice and suggestions and all that jazz, but the real confusion, or at least for me, was trying to merge all that with everyone’s odd way of handling the same shit.

Now, talk about impressions. Lady R in the Spares department impressed me immediately, she had her nose into every unfinished project and followed its progress as though it was a personal thing that would result in a rather once in a life time spiritual fulfilment. That was impressive I must say, to bear that kind of zeal for a job.

Then of course there was Mr S (Spares). Laid back and somewhat quiet, but every time he decides to break the silence, witty things come out his mouth and it just cracks me up. Refreshing. With him, I got the impression of a rather collected and sure-footed person. Nice.

Ms S and Mr R at management were impressive too. Ms S was always soft spoken, calm and smiley and for some odd reason seemed like a misfit in that chaotic scene, can’t say I’m sure why. Don’t get me wrong, she knows her job and she does it well. Now Mr R he had a way with his suggestions but the one thing that stuck in my head was the way he explained certain things and pointed out how easy it was to take one wrong turn and he’ll garnish that explanation with ‘what’s gonna happen?’ somewhat like ‘you do the math’. So I learned from the word go to work on every project asking ‘what’s gonna happen?’ at every turn and it kinda helped me stay focused. Good job R!!

J.C (Service) reminded me of my late uncle Idzia, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why, and the odd thing is he isn’t much older than I am so why uncle??? Hmmm, beats me. He was somewhat like Mr S in Spares, but he retained his silences more, so I hardly ever noticed him, but he had given me some really valuable tips and very helpful notes so he certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Now, to the real mad house. Service. JM and EDK. We have danced, and sang, and breath, and lived and talked divine madness. I had to work in close contact with these two as we were all service coordinators and I had to get a feel of what the whole thing was all about. Now there aren’t any two people as North and South as these two. Their approach to work that is. We do the same thing but differently. I got confused at a point because one person says ‘do it this way’ another say ‘no do it this way’ and when I run to Mr R he takes me through the steps and we end up at ‘what’s gonna happen?’. In the end I figured out one thing (and Mr R confirmed) - Figure out a way to do it. The baseline is knowing the goal and reaching it without screwing up along the way.

JM was a charmer though and I don't think I'll ever hear the phrase 'you're the best' again without remembering him. It was a phrase he used a lot. He'd be a great PR personel. He was a good people's person.

And EDK was actually the first person in the office to invite me out on the town, so thanks to her I had my 'tourist moment' and my kid got to have some fun and make new friends.

Then of course there was Mr D and Ms M (Service). I didn’t get the chance to work with them much as Mr D went on vacation just two days after I arrived, but I got the impression of a collected and gentle person. He did help me with accessing Ms M’s computer as I had to use hers while she was away. He even gave me his password to our protected server as I didn’t have access myself. Of course when Ms M returned, I used his computer till the end of my training and he never came back from vacation…

Ms M smiled a lot. She was gentle, the way she talked. Every time I hear ‘Naan’ in that soft voice though, I know I am going to be asked about a service or a quote or some planning I should be working on. The amazing thing was how impeccable her timing always was. Every time I punch the last key that seals the end of the project, I hear ‘Naan, what about Grand Benelux?’ and I respond ‘Check your email in 30 seconds’. I got the feeling like, as long as there was Ms M, there was no room for day dreaming during work hours, which is OK with me.

And Boss…..well, what can I say? He is like a whirl-wind. He comes and goes and moves so fast I get the impression of a whirlwind in the office, not destructive though. Besides the first day I was there and was introduced to every staff (by him of course), I had very little direct contact with him, which isn’t unusual really.

Then of course there are the beautiful people upstairs. I don’t mean that in a condescending way. Four or five women (I don’t remember as I have basically avoided them (had no real reason to go there) while I was in training. Beautiful women, all of them. It did cross my mind at a point to wonder if maybe the qualification for being up stairs was being beautiful, but of course I discarded the thought immediately as it is absolutely absurd. They manage our finances and they’re doing a great job of it….and they’re all beautiful….OK, you can tell I can’t get over how beautiful they are lol.

The technicians, can’t say I really remembered any of them….Maybe Mr I and Mr JH. I because of his attempt at broken Italian and especially because he looked 18! And Mr JH because he spoke Spanish so fluently I thought he was Spanish until he spoke English with an American accent and left me scratching my head wondering…..

Now….My Kindred Spirit.

Mr J.

That’s the one person that impressed me the most in that office. Not only was he available and approachable for when I needed guidance to quote work hours and which technicians to assign the jobs. With him, I felt like I had known him in another life time which is rather odd as I had met him just about the same time I met everyone else. We had our coffee breaks and talked about creative art and writing, which was rather refreshing… I mean, everyone else saw one face of me - the meek-submissive-wanting-to-learn-all-there-is-too-learn-Naan (which is quite OK, I’m a Gemini woman, I‘ve many faces, all truly and wholly me). Mr J got to see the chatty, excited, dreamy, social Naan, and it was nice to be able to throw off the ’office robe’ and just be and with J I could do that… yes I looked forward to (and greatly miss) those coffee breaks.

Now I am back in Italy and making use of all I ingested from Spain and all I can say was that the whole experience was an explosive… (whisper it) DIVINE MADNESS.

Friday, August 06, 2010


No one's ever choked to death for swallowing their pride. Unknown

Pride goes before destruction and a hauty spirit before a fall. The Bible (don't panic I am not religious, not preaching here....just using a great quote that happens to come from the Bible is all)

If you're anything like me - wanting to be a better person - then you'd know that one of the things that makes for smooth sailing, is sailing with as little negative energy as possible. We go through life creating, and sometimes, even if unintentionally, we create more bad energy than good and we carry that aura about with us polluting everything we come in contact with. Things go wrong all the time and we don't know why. Sometimes - again if you are anything like me - we hide our heads in the sand and explain things away instead of taking a closer look and understanding the real problem.

Often times, it seems like it's a lot easier to be in denial and let things just slip away and eventually they would cease to matter. The truth is, by doing that we are incubating bad vibes and when it brews long enough it'll explode and leave a nasty sting on things. Granted, it is painful to put one's pride aside and say I was wrong but the pay off is great. It takes a whole burden off of you. What is important is not saying I was wrong BUT IN REALLY KNOWING THAT YOU ARE, that is just one step though, the next and more important step is knowing you need to fix the problem AND fixing it.

The next time you feel like you are being courted by some negative aura, instead of being quick to point the finger outward at that situation that makes your life unbearable, take a pause and look within. You might be surprised to discover that the stink inside is a lot worse than that unconfortable external situation.