Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lost Fellowship/Red Sweaters.

Red Sweaters mean moving on,
And I am wearing one because he’s gone.
I look at that familiar face
And occasionally it breaks into a smile
While he looks at me.
His eyes don’t see me though
He is looking at something beyond me;
Something that draws him
And he smiles at it and is lost.
I talk to him but he doesn’t hear me.
He is hardly aware that I am in front of him
He never has anything to say
It feels like my presence pains him.
He avoids me.
He is right beside me but his soul is gone
I don’t know where to, so I can’t follow.
I pulled my red sweater tighter around me
Exhausted at groping in the dark,
Frustrated at the aimless wander
And saddened for the lost fellowship
That never was.
So I set in search of a fellowship
Don’t know what will become of us though
Will this be one more bridge crossed?
Or will it be another burned bridge?

©Naan Pocen