Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time Flies

I have not blogged in ages, and it has nothing to do with having nothing to say, quite the contrary. There is so much to say and the thoughts run into each other that it’s tricky to sieve them and have a coherent line of thought to share.

And for the past two weeks besides trying to stay healthy, I have had a hard time falling and staying asleep, but I resist creating anything in the middle of that night as that is a sure what to keep me even more awake, when I need to rest in order to be alert at work in the morning.

My boss had commented often lately that I seemed a lot more nervous than usual (I wonder if he was trying to tell me I was naturally nervous….?). The thing is, with the lack of sleep my creativity is at its peak. I’ve loads of ideas. I sew (for those of you that don’t know; I am a certified fashion designer), so I have been sketching like a mad woman. I bead weave so I have laid down some ideas of projects I would love to try my hands on.

I have also jotted down a few plots for an anthology we (Andrew and I) would want to put together. Unfortunately the only times I can really get these ideas to production are during those sleepless night… now. It is 02:22 hours where I am and I should be sleeping.

My father was the same. My mother used to call him restless but he would say it was not restlessness but creativity. And he was right. I haven’t known anyone half as creative as my father, he could literally make anything. He was an oil paint artist (not by profession) and made all sorts of craft: painted vases out of bottles, carvings, sculpting, tie dye – think anything craft, he did it. I don’t mean to brag but if creativity was in the genes then I inherited most of his, although I am not half as creative as he was.

I found myself thinking of him lately during these sleepless nights, wishing how much I would love to chat with him, but I can’t because he died. And it just hit me a moment ago that it’s the second Anniversary of his passing…..well almost. He was gone three years ago on February 28th but he lives on…..somehow….but I miss him still.

Anyway, if this posting comes a bit loose jointed, it's the sleep....or lack of it.