Thursday, February 13, 2014


Maybe we missed the turn at the crossroads,
We are walking the same path but our directions are opposed.
We talk of one accord yet we are apart with each step.

Maybe we are too lazy to try harder
Or probably we already know it is pointless
We talk of a tune yet we sing different verses.

Maybe we are afraid to admit it
We were wrong and we knew it all along,
We are trying too hard, to hold onto dust.

Maybe we can be kind to ourselves
And be brave and be honest, and admit we are wrong
We are not in sync with each other and won’t likely be.

©Naan Pocen


I am a bad mother.
He told me so in not so many words.
It can be seen from the sorrow the child demonstrates,
From the frustration she feels when she confronts the unknown
Or the impatience she shows for learning the new.
It is okay to feel sorrow, frustration or impatience,
And so is it okay to remind her to rise above it all.

I am a bad mother.
He told me in not so many words.
Because of the sorrow I feel for the things I have lost,
Because of the frustration I feel for the raised walls,
For the impatience I show for the lack of empathy.
I don’t need permission to be sorrowful, frustrated or impatience
And it is okay to exhale and carry on.

I am a bad mother.
But that is his opinion, not mine.

©Naan Pocen

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Today has lasted for eleven months full of wrongness,
Birthing discontent and something akin to sorrow.
Today started a year ago when the weight of yesterday
Had just eased, causing me to embrace today.
And how so very disappointing it has been
To finally realize that the start of a new day for me was never today,
Rather, today was the rebirth of the horror that was yesterday.
But I refuse to carry on one step farther
I therefore stand and shake it all off. I shall go to bed now
To awake and embrace tomorrow
For thus is my new day.
Goodbye today, it was not fun while it lasted.

©Naan Pocen