Sunday, October 07, 2012


You haunt my sleep and waking hours
Your taut sad face stare;
Silence that scream so loud through your eyes.
Trembling lips forming words
Entrapped in the pain you carry within.

I hear you. I do hear you.

You have that nod of acknowledgement
Of pasts; of déjà vu.
Old warnings resurface
And you are gripped with the dread
Of ‘I told you so’.

I feel you, I do feel you.

You define your rhythm
And choreograph your dance
Yet your feet are drawn to the familiar
That gripping crippling tune
That scars you

I know you, I do know you.

There are questions in your gestures
Your rhythmic breathing calls for answers.
You know what you should do
But your will to act is failing
The familiar is comfortable.

I get you, I do get you.

Will you defy the familiar?
Dare you define your ‘now’?
Can you be true to you and yours?
Liberation is within your reach,
O mirror image staring at me.

I see you, I do see you.

©Naan Pocen