Thursday, August 28, 2014

That high horse He rides.

Is she selfish because she wants to sleep??
All she asks is an extra thirty minutes.
He obviously doesn’t care to know
That where others can count sheep
And wait for sleep that eventually comes,
She deals with thoughts that tell her
in clear logic life is worthless and better ended.

Can’t he really tell the difference
between agitation and fatigue?
Can’t he tell when an outburst is
Pain induced and not simply irrationality?
Does he care to see beneath the surface?
To know that the place of isolation often visited
Is a mirror of hopeless feelings of helplessness?

That blur line he tries so hard to ignore
is indeed well defined, if only he'll look closer.
Sleeplessness, mood swings, weight changes,
stomachache, lost appetite, 
Cold in summer, heat in winter…
Call it rude, Call it attitude
Give it whatever name justifies that
Lack of concern.

But she knows…. she knows this dark cloud by name;
And she has coped with it before.
 So while he sits on his high throne
Deciding her worth, she will go deal
with those thoughts that transcends
the sheep he counts as he awaits his sleep.

©Naan Pocen