Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I lose with Style!

I have a big mouth!

And I don't mean the size of my smile. I have a big mouth .... or rather a (sometimes) over confident trust in my knowledge about things I am passionate about, a certainty and trust for my source of information plus a dash of cockiness putting my point across (Hey! It takes a recipe to make Naan - trust me!)

I found myself in a situation that led to a bet on a matter I knew so well, like the hair on my chest (hey! I know my chest...) and so naturally I knew I'd win....I lost! And losing (for me) entailed wearing a tie to work, taking of photo of it and blogging about it. Me and my big mouth eh?

What can I say? I felt very silly walking my daughter up to her class at summer school with a few heads turning to look at me. I was like 'Come on girl, of all the colour of ties to wear, you picked the bright one to that dark face'. But I held my head high and wore a boldness about me as though it was intentional. I think it paid off too because one of the mothers told me how very 'stylish and original' (her words). Thank goodness my glasses are photochromic I could hide behind them.

Well, I got to the office and I blended in nicely, it was nothing new - Just Naan being Naan. Heck, who ever heard of a shoulder-less top and a bright TIE!!???!?!?? I must tell you, it took a good cause to make me keep that tie on all day; a celebration of someone rather charismatic and very special; it's his birthday you see. Happy Birthday Andrew (And you too William).

So there! I wore a tie. I took a photo. I blogged about it. Heck! I am a loser with STYLE.....oh, and a big thank you to Dani for taking the photo, you're a doll!


OPineJournal said...

Ha!! I love it!! It does look very stylish though! Hey - some of the biggest trends were invented just this way. Like the two button on the cuff trend that I set just last weekend! I only had four buttons on my jacket - three on one cuff and 2 on the other. So I moved one of the three to the other cuff and voila - you'll be seeing designers jumping on it within a month I predict.

Thanks for the dedication dear - it is a very sweet present!!

OPineJournal said...

My favorite picture I return to this one often as you are smiling brightly!! Style indeed!!


Naan Pocen said...

You are too good for my ego and I love you for it. Thank you!!