Saturday, September 03, 2011

Tailing Iscariot.

He walked with a ring on his ear
He thinks pain is in tears:
I have lived with pain for a long time
So a simple head nod
And soft painful sighs
Speak to me more
Than a thousand sad words
Or a torrent of tears.
He walked before me boldly
He believed the world
should be conqured with offensive rage
But I have fought too many times
And true victory isn't
In the little battles
But in being the conqueror
At the end of the war.
He walked with his loin cloth baring his butt
He wanted to lead the way;
He truly felt he had it all figured out.
He wanted to put me in place,
But the bare sight of his nakedness
Revealed a vulnerability
That I cover; standing behind
Made me his shield.
He walked fast, looking up, barking orders
He forgot that sometimes when
The wind is speaking, we can only hear in silence
I heard the warning
But I could not convey it
He was still howling and gliding on
And heading toward the trap;
And I saw him fall.
He should get up and carry on and be.
He may get it at last
That pain is beyond tears, rage never conquers
And no one ever does it alone;
None knows it all or figured out.
He may even realize
That our true strength is
In our very weakness.
©Naan Pocen

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